About Me

Have a look at the Teacher behind the camera.

Born and Raised in Birmingham, United Kingdom. I have worked in South Korea, Japan and Germany giving English class and online to students of all ages and all abilities helping them grow and learn in a tailored way. 


I have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Physics and am CELTA qualified for English classes. I studied in Wales and Germany and having experienced education around the world I understand the needs of different students.

In Class

I have worked giving English classes in South Korea with learners from age 7-11 and in Japan with university students aged 18-25. In Germany, I taught open classes to students of all ages and have taken those years of experience into the classes I teach today.

English classes for all


Since the beginning of the pandemic, I moved my English classes online, giving myself and the students I work with more autonomy. I have taught students from over 80 countries, with my youngest student being 3 and oldest being 85. You are never too old or too young to get into English, so come and learn with me!