IELTS Speaking Task 2

The IELTS speaking section is split into 3 sections. Here we take a look at the second section and go through some of the questions and topics that might come up.

IELTS Speaking Task 2

In IELTS Speaking part 2 you will be given a card with some information on it. From this information, you will have to prepare a presentation. You have 1 minute to prepare and 2 minutes to present. Remember to speak for the whole 2 minutes


Describe a friend who you really like to spend time with.

You should say:

    • When and how you met.
    • How often you see this friend.
    • What kind of personality your friend has

and say why you like to spend time with this particular friend.


Describe a plant, flower or tree that you like.

You should say:

    • what type of plant, flower or tree it is
    • where it grows or is usually seen
    • when you first saw it

and explain why you like it


Describe something special you want to buy in the future.

You should say:

    • What it is
    • What it is like
    • When you intend to buy it

And explain why you want to buy it.


Talk about your favourite season in your country.

You should say:

    • what it is and when it comes
    • Why you like it
    • Changes that happen and things you like to do during this season.

And explain the season in brief.


Describe one of your favourite photographs.

You should say:

    • When the photograph was taken
    • What it looks like
    • What significant memory you have regarding this photograph

and explain why it is one of your favourite photographs.


Describe an indoor game that you enjoyed as a child.

You should say

    • what the game was
    • where you played it
    • who played this game with you

and explain why you liked it


Describe a gift you recently gave to someone.

You should say:

    • who you gave it to
    • what kind of person he/she is
    • what the gift was
    • what occasion the gift was for

and explain why you chose that gift.


Describe your hometown.

You should say:

    • Where it is located
    • What it is known for
    • What you can do there

And explain what you like about it


Describe an interest or hobby that you particularly enjoy.

You should say:

    • what is it
    • how long have you been doing it
    • who you do it with

and explain why this is important to you.


Describe a stressful day at school/ university.

You should say:

    • how the day started
    • how things went wrong
    • who the people involved were

and explain why it was stressful.


Describe a practical skill you have.

You should say:

    • what the skill is
    • how often you use it
    • who taught it to you

also, explain how it helps in your life.


Describe a happy event of your life.

You should say:

    • what it was
    • when it happened
    • where it happened

and explain why it was a happy event.


Describe a game or sport you enjoy playing.

You should say:

    • What kind of game or sports it is
    • Who you play it with
    • Where you play it

and explain why you enjoy playing it.


Tell a childhood story you heard when you were a child.

You should say:

    • who told you the story
    • what was the story
    • why you liked it

and explain why you remember this story.


Describe a shop or store you often go to.

You should say:

    • where it is
    • what type of people go there for shopping
    • what types of goods are sold there

and explain why you go there and like/dislike most about it


Describe one of your typical days. /Describe one of your daily life.

You should say:

    • How do you start your day
    • How long have you been following this routine
    • Your favourite time and activity of the day.

and explain what do you do in a typical day of your life.


Tell me about your favourite music band.

You should say:

    • what it is and why you like it
    • how do people react to the music of this band
    • when you first heard their songs

and explain the necessity of listening music.


Describe a TV series you like.

You should say:

    • what the TV series is
    • who the actors are
    • plot of the series

and explain how you feel about it.

Home Decoration

Describe your ideal home or place to live.

You should say

    • where would it be
    • how big would it be
    • what would it contain

also explain, why this kind of accommodation attracts you?


Describe some good news that you recently heard.

You should say:

    • what was the good news
    • how did you received the news?
    • who was the news about?

also, explain your reaction on hearing the news.


Describe a museum you have visited and liked.

You should say:

    • what kind of museum it was
    • when you went there
    • what you saw and did there

and explain why you liked this museum.


Describe something you often do in the evening.

You should say:

    • What is it
    • Why do you do it
    • who you usually do it with

and say if you enjoy doing it or not.


Describe an exciting experience in your life.

You should say:

    • when the experience took place
    • where the experience took place
    • what happened exactly

and explain why the experience was so exciting.


Describe a hotel you have stayed in.

You should say:

    • Where the hotel is
    • Why you stayed at that particular hotel
    • Give details description of the hotel and the view from it

And explain what makes the hotel special.


Describe your favourite animal.

You Should Say:

    • What kind of animal it is
    • Describe it briefly
    • Why you like the animal

and describe why it is your favourite animal.


Describe a birthday celebration that you attended recently.

You should say:

    • Whose birthday it was
    • who attended the party
    • where did it take place

and describe the party.

Public Transport

Describe a time you travelled by public transport.

You should say:

    • what type of public transport you used
    • where you travelled from and to
    • what you did during the journey

and explain how you felt about travelling in this way


Describe a website you often browse.

You should say:

    • what is it
    • how long have you been using it
    • give details information about the website

and explain why you often browse this website.

Mobile Phones

Describe an app you use on your mobile phone.

You should say:

    • what it is
    • how you use it
    • what benefits you get from this app

and explain why this mobile app is important to you.


Describe a job you dream to have in the future.

You should say:

    • what the job is
    • what responsibilities it has
    • what you like about this job

and explain why this is your dream job.


Describe a book you have recently read.

You should say:

    • what kind of book it is
    • what it is about
    • what sort of people would enjoy it

and explain why you liked it.


Describe a bad weather experience you have had.

You should say:

    • what sort of bad weather it was
    • when it happened
    • where you were when it happened

and explain how it affected you.


Describe a journey you went on.

You Should say:

    • where you went
    • why you went to this particular place
    • what you did and with whom

and describe why you enjoyed your journey? Or, if not, why?

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