TOEFL Speaking

The TOEFL Speaking section is an area you can score some good easy points. Take a look at the main information and tips to help you get the best score you can!

Speaking Information

  • The Speaking section lasts for around 17 minutes
  • There are 2 speaking sections
  • The First section (independent) has 1 question
  • The Second section (integrated) has 3 questions
  • The first section is independent- you will be given a question to answer about yourself- 15 seconds to prepare, 45 seconds to answer
  • The second section’s first question also contains a reading and listening.
  • Read the passage (50 seconds), listen to a conversation(1 minute), and talk about the arguments of the people (30 seconds prep, 1 minute speaking).
  • The second question of the integrated section is a lecture, also with a reading and listening section.
  • Read the passage (45 seconds), listen to a lecture(1 minute), and talk about the lecture(30 seconds prep, 1 minute speaking).
  • The final question only has a listening and speaking section and is based on a lecture.
  • Listen to a Lecture(2 minutes), and talk about the lecture (20 seconds prep, 1 minute speaking).

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Record yourselfmake sure when you are practising, you record yourself and listen to how you sound when giving answers

Questions The questions are always in the same order and of the same type, so make sure you understand what each question will be like.

Time Practise timing, and be able to give your answer within the time.

Vocabulary try to look at as many topics as you can to increase your vocabulary.

Structure Have a few introductory sentences or linking sentences that you can use in different situations to give yourself some thinking time.

Summarizing practise summarizing videos, articles or audio you come across day to day.

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