TOEFL Writing

The TOEFL writing section is an area you can score some good easy points. Take a look at the main information and tips to help you get the best score you can!

Writing Information

  • The Writing section lasts for around 50-56minutes
  • There are 2 writing sections, the Integrated and Independent writing task
  • Integrated task – read a passage (3 mins) then listen to a speaker(2-3 mins) before writing (20 mins)
  • Integrated task – 250-300 words
  • Independent task – given a topic to write about.
  • Independent task – 30 mins of writing time
  • Independent task – 350-400 words

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Integrated :

    • NOT YOUR OPINION – stick to what the passage and people say.
    • Take good notes, especially on the listening
    • make sure you know which argument is from the listening and the reading
    • Give reasons from the passages in your essay
    • Don’t copy from the reading

Independent :

    • You can lie if you think your opinion is not interesting, you’re not sure about the topic
    • Provide some reasons for your opinion
    • Make your opinion clear in the first 2 sentences
    • Don’t copy from the question

Structure Make sure you have 2/3 essay structures you can use for your writing, including an introduction, 2/3 arguments in different paragraphs and a conclusion is usually best.

Time Practise timing, and be able to write information quickly.

Vocabulary try to look at as many topics as you can to increase your vocabulary.

Planning spend a few minutes planning your essay and writing down the most interesting points and arguments you want to include.

Proofread – spend 1/2 minutes at the end going through your essay and making some SMALL changes that you can see need to be made.

Question – Make sure that you answer the question, and not talk about something unrelated.

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