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English Classes For All

The Garden English understands the world has become more interconnected and therefore opportunities for English speakers are growing, therefore English Classes are more important than ever. Try our English classes and learn alone or in a friendly group atmosphere. Help your career to thrive together with us and unlock your English potential! 

English classes for young learners
Kids can enjoy English classes too

A fresh take on English classes

The Garden English gives English classes for all ages, from 2 to 92 and also offer tailored English learning programmes. We cover conversation, exams as well as business English. Education designed to your needs at a range of prices in addition to levels.

Real English materials

Take a look at some real world English materials. Listen and read along, answer some questions, and also develop your English skills with some resources from real media.

Online English Classes

Remote Learning

As remote learning is so important, you can use your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Lessons are interactive and practical as well as interesting for all types of students.


With over 10 years of experience teaching online together with classrooms, you can be confident in getting the service you need.

Our English Classes

Amazing Results

We also have classes for exams, to meetings. As well as presentation practise or just for a little conversation, come and join and see where you can get to.


English classes for levels A1 as well as A2. Gives you a chance to learn as well as practise grammar with people of the same level or ability.


English classes for levels B1 or B2. Giving you the chance to learn and also use what you know. We talk about current in addition to interesting topics.


English Classes for B2 and above. Using your knowledge to talk deeply about a range of complex together with engaging topics in a friendly group environment.

Grammar Lessons

Whether A1 or C2 take a look at some of the free English grammar lessons, develop your skills and advance your English ability and sound like a real English native.


You’re in Excellent hands πŸ™Œ

He was very clear, patient and also kind to everyone
Monica Cecilia
I liked it because it was interesting, also I had fun learning about the lesson The teacher was very professional as well as patient and friendly.
I really liked that we get to talk a lot, there was a part where we talked with other students therefore we can practice more and also get more dynamic, I liked that.