Lesson: Globalization Is Fracturing. So What Comes Next?


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After the Cold War ended, globalization took hold as the world became a network of interconnected economies. But events of recent years have caused fractures along geopolitical lines, prompting both leaders and companies to reevaluate who they do business with, and how. Amid the turmoil, a group of countries are capitalizing on this new reality, and thriving.


Globalization Is Fracturing. So What Comes Next?

Watch the video and answer the questions.

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What is the video about?

Try and watch the video again, this time with subtitles. Then move on to answer some more questions

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According to the video, after the end of the Cold War, __________.

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Shawn Donnan would probably agree that __________.

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Stephanie Flanders most likely believes that __________

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