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Globalization Is Fracturing

High Int

There is a rethinking of globalization, and the world economy is at an inflection point.

How Will the El Niño Phenomenon Affect Food?

Low Int

Prices might continue to rise in the coming year.

Baby Food Is Too Sugary, Health Experts Warn

High Int

Britain's Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) is calling for more action.

Best View in Rome


Read one traveller's tip for visiting Rome, Italy.

Discussing Potential Blockers in a Company's Long-Range Plan


Milo and Kay discuss possible challenges going forward.

Release of the Final 'New' Beatles Song


Technology has allowed for a new Beatles release.

Podcast: Brenda Talks About Her


Brenda Piñero talks about her fondest memory from growing up.

What's the Healthiest Way To Eat Chips?


Read advice on the best way to cook chips.

Podcast: I May Have Too Many Chickens

High Int

Jenny can't even keep track of how many chickens she has.

What If We Stopped Buying New Clothes?


A new trend has started in Sweden.

Ancient Greece

High Int

Learn about Ancient Greece and the influence of Classical Greek culture.

Peruvians Can’t Afford Their National Dish Ceviche After El Nino Devastates Farms

Low Intermediate

The El Niño weather pattern is sending food prices up.

Job Interview: What Is Your Greatest Weakness?


Eric talks about his biggest weakness and how he works on it.

How To Cowork Virtually

High Int / Adv

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky shares a tip for making a videoconference feel like a shared office space.

Podcast: Tim's Bucket List


Tim Flannery tells us about his life goals.

Uber’s All-Electric Goal

High Int / Adv

Learn about the company's ambitious Go-Get Zero sustainability agenda.

'Wonka'-Themed Xbox and Chocolate Controller


A limited-edition Series X includes a chocolate shaped like an Xbox controller.

Google's AI "Bard" Set for Next Stage

Low Intermediate

The chatbot will be available for some users.

U.K. Holds World’s First AI Safety Summit


The AI safety summit was held to discuss the present and future challenges of AI.

Beyonce Tops U.S. Songs Chart for First Time in Over a Decade

High Int/Adv

Her seventh solo studio album also opened at number one on Billboard's top albums chart.

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