Future continuous and future perfect

In this lesson, we look at using the future continuous and the future perfect. You can first take a look at the lesson before going on to the quiz below.

Future continuous

Future continuous is for actions that will be in progress at a specific time in the future.

Structure: will/won’t be + –ing

I‘ll be travelling at that time.
When your in Korea, I‘ll be traveling to Japan.

When speaking about a new or temporary situation.

I‘ll be driving to work until the trains are running again.
What will you be doing with your puppy?

Future perfect

The future perfect simple is used when we want to express something that will be finished before a time in the future.

Structure: will/won’t have + past participle

I‘ll have finished reading before we arrive
I‘ll have known him for 10 years next week.

Using phrases like by/ by the time are common when speaking using the future perfect.

I won’t have done everything by next week.
By the time we start, they will  have finished.

Which sentence is correct?.

I’ll not  ____ drinking until new year.

I’ll  ______ fallen asleep by the time you get home

_______ we finish, it will be 10pm

Your grade is: __

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