Participle clauses

Participle clauses enable us to say information in a more economical way. Test what you know with interactive exercises and read the explanation to help you.

Participle clauses

We use participle clauses to be more efficient with the sentences we make. we use present participles (goingplayingsleepingeating, etc.), past participles (goneplayedsleptwalked, etc.) or perfect participles (having gonehaving playedhaving slepthaving walked, etc.). 

If the 2 clauses in the setnce have the same subject, we can use participle clauses.

Reading the book, I got hungry. (While was reading the book, got hungry.)

We mainly use participle when writing, especially in a literary, academic style. 

Present participle clauses

There are a few ways we can use particle clauses in the present tense, for example:

  • Result of an action.
    The goal was cored, winning the match.
  • Why an action happened
    As he was king, he gave the order to attack.
  • Speaking about 2 things happening at the same time
    Arriving at the airport, I realised I forgot my passport.
  • Give extra info about the subject 
    Making his debut, the player took to the field.

Past participle clauses

There are a few ways we can use particle clauses in the past tense, for example:.

  • Similar to third conditional
    Spoken correctly, the doors will open. (If you speak correctly, … )
  • Reason for an action
    Angered by her mistake, she let out a scream.
  • Give extra info about the subject 
    Now glowing orange, he thought it best to go to the doctors.

Perfect participle clauses

We use perfect participle clauses to show an action was finished before the action in the main clause. Perfect participles can be active or passive meaning.

Having eaten all the food, he went out to the shops.
Having ran all day, they wanted to rest.

___ by the changing information, they thought the plane was cancelled.

___ at a low temperature, these jeans will keep their original colour for a long time.

___ the paper, he saw the news about his hometown.

___ through the woods, they found a bird with a broken wing.

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