In this lesson, we look at changing the voice of the subject using the passive tense. Take alook at the quiz below to test your knowledge.


When using passive, it changes the main focus of the sentence:

I kick the ball

The ball is kicked

Structure: Subject + to be + past participle 

The passive is used:

  • If the person/thing doing the action is already known or doesn’t want to be shared.
  • to make sure the most important information is in focus.

Creating the Passive tense

We can use the passive in any tense, by just change the ‘be’ in the sentence.

Tense Active passive
Present simple I kick the ball The ball is kicked (by me)
Present continuous He is cooking dinner Dinner is being cooked (by him)
Present perfect They have been working here for years. Work has been done for years (by them)
Past simple I ate so much. So much was eaten (by me)
Past continuous He was sleeping in the house The house was being slept in (by him)
Past perfect She has lost everything Everything had been lost (by her)
Future simple I will play football tomorrow. Football will be played tomorrow (by me)

Change this sentence to passive: ‘I’ll eat the sausages in the morning.”

The ship _____ ______ by the captain.

Change this sentence to passive: ”He eats so many apples”

Which sentence is correct?

Your grade is: __

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