Past Perfect

In this lesson, we are looking at the past tense, using ‘had’. You can test yourself with the quiz at the end of the lesson.

Time up to a point in the past

Past perfect is used to talk about actions that were finished before a time in the past.

She‘d started by the time we arrived
They‘d spoken to everyone before I had a chance.
Had everything been finished before he arrived?

Structure: had + past participle

Past perfect for the earlier of two past actions

The past perfect can be used to show the order of events. The earlier event is shown using the past perfect.

When he got to the party, the guests had eaten everything

The order of the sentence doesn’t matter, just where the past participle is.

The guests had eaten everything, when he arrived


Adverbs like alreadystilljustever or never are often used with the past perfect. 

I went to her house but she’d already left.
It still hadn’t turned dark by 11pm!
I‘d never seen so many beautiful places

I ______ spoken to him before she arrived.

He _____ _______ visited his moms new house.

She _____ _____ living there until the earthquake.

I ___ ____ ____ been to Thailand by the time I was 25.

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