Reflexive pronouns

Reflexive pronouns: myselfyourself or themselves are used in various situations in English. Check out this lesson to learn more about reflexive pronouns.

Reflexive Pronouns

Myselfyourselfhimselfherselfitselfourselvesyourselves and themselves. Are all reflexive pronouns and reflect back to the subject.

I hurt myself while I was playing football.
I hope you enjoy yourselves in Spain next week.
We need invest in ourselves more.

Adding emphasis

If we want to add more emotion or emphasis to what we are saying, we can use a reflexive pronoun.

He can do it himself if he is going to be rude.
Since the accident she can’t look after herself

It can be used to emphasise that something is being done without help

I’m going to travel by myself.
Is he going to do all that work by himself?

If we want to add more emphasis to a noun, we can add a reflexive pronoun.

The company itself needs to solve this problem.

By + reflexive pronoun

We can add by to show that no one else was involved,

I love to cook by myself.
Have you ever gone hiking by yourself?

Which sentence is correct?.

People _______ need to solve this problem on their own.

She lifted all this by ______?

Which sentence is correct?

Your grade is: __

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