'will', 'be going to' and present continuous

Do you know the difference between I will and I am going to? What about the present continuous? Take this lesson to master these skills.


Will is used when discussing spontaneous plans that are decided in the moment.

I‘ll go grab a coffee before I go to work.
I think I‘ll just stay in tonight.

going to

We use going to when we are talking about something in the future that was already planned.

I‘m going to the concert next week. Are you?
He‘s going to marry her next year!

Present continuous

We use the future continuous when all the details of the plans are known.

I’m meeting on Sunday at the bar. 
We’re working all night tonight, want to join?


Which sentence is correct?.

He ____ going sleep all day I think.

I ____ do it tonight!

I am ______ with my club at 8am.

Your grade is: __

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