Avoiding Repetition

Using the same words over and over again can cause problems in tests and leave your speech lacking depth. Take a look at these tips to help you grow your vocabulary.

It, this and that in texts

We can use Itthis/these and that/those to talk about something we are already talking or writing about.

We watch the final last night. It was an amazing match!

We can use This/That to show something is interesting, and is more powerful than It.

We have been asked to find new members. This will help us deliver projects quicker.

It was such a long day … I’m fed up of working in that place!

If we want to talk about things, far back in a conversation or text, we can use  that/those.

Such meaning 'of this or that type'

If we want to be more formal, we ca use  such to talk about a subject that was spoken about earlier on.

Some cars have since been redesigned for the electric market.

Such cars are now starting to sell in much larger quantities.

We can use such alongside words like nothe onlythe fewthe first, etc. to give more detail about the things we are talking about.

The people took on a journey no one else had seen before, and no such journey has happened since.

This was the first such meeting since the war.


A synonym is the best way to avoid repetition and build up your vocabulary. By using words that have the same meaning, or a more accurate description, allows you to sound more natural and give more information.

People are spending a large amount of time on their devices, these wasted hours might be beter spent being more productive.

Using synonyms can also make your writing more interesting and enjoyable.

The wall was built by people, a strong comunity who were said to be giants and have the strength of 10 regular men.

The author discusses classical human virtues and explains how _____ character traits are still relevant today.

It’s a particularly difficult time for _____ who are struggling to buy food and heat their houses.

I don’t like _____ new boyfriend of hers. He was really rude to the waiter.

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