A1/A2 English - Questions

Take a look at this page to see how to create questions and use question words. Test yourself with the quiz at the end of this lesson.

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To create a question, we can put the verb before the subject. For example:

I am correct. – Am I correct?

I can go – Can I go?

He is a teacher – Is he a teacher

We can also use question words (whywhatwherehow, etc.), the question word goes before the verb.

You are a writer – Are you a writer? – Why are you a writer?

I can go – Can I go? – Where can we go?

I can help – Can I help? – How can I help?

Questions with different tenses

For other verbs in the present simple, we use the verb do/does in the question.

I play football – Do you play football? – Why do you play football?

He goes home – Does he go home? – How does he go home?


For past simple, we use the verb did in the question.

I played football – Did you play football? – Why did you play football?

He went home – Did he go home? – How did he go home?


For future simple, we use the verb will in the question.

I will play football – Will you play football? – Why will you play football?

He will go home – Will he go home? – How will he go home?


Remember, we only need 1 past tense verb to make the whole sentence past tense.

How ___ he get here?

____ you going to Korea?

____ I visit my parents next week?

Which sentence is correct?

Your grade is: __

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