Although, even though, in spite of and despite

In this class we are going to look at contrasting ideas using words like, Althougheven thoughin spite of and despite. You can test your skills with the quiz at the end.

Contrasting ideas

To link two contrasting ideas we use phrases like: Although, even though, in spite of and despite.

Despite the heat, it was a great match.
It was a great match, despite the heat.

Althougheven thoughin spite of and despite are only different where,two are followed by a noun/gerund and 2 are followed by a verb. 

in spite of / despite

When we use in spite of and despite, we follow it with a noun or gerund (-ing form of a verb).

They always played well, in spite of missing training.
In spite of the rain in his leg, he went out for a run.
Despite feeling sick, the food was amazing.
I will do it, despite the warning

Structure: Despite/in spite of + noun/gerund

although / even though

After although and even though, are used in the same way that despite and in spite of are. This time we use a verb.

I loved the holiday, although I wish the hotel was nicer.
Even though I answered everything correctly, I didn’t pass.

Structure: Even though/ Although + subject + verb


We can use the word though as a substitute for although. 

Though the art was amazing, the museum was dirty

Though, can also go at the end of the second clause.

The plane was delayed for hours, they did give us some free food though.

_____ the weather, I’ll go for a walk

I love these strawberries, _____ they’re out of season.

They were able to succeed, _____ the spy.

I hated that pizza, the fish was good ______.

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