'so' and 'such'

One of these is used with an adjective/adverb. The other is used with a noun. Do you know which one is used with which?


We use such with a noun or adjective + noun, to make it stronger. 

You’re such an amazing person!
It’s such a strange place!
They’re such animals!

When using muchmanylittle and few with a noun, we can add so to make the quantity stronger.

There are so many cars on the road!
He’s had so little time to adjust

Adjectives and adverbs

We use so with an adjective or adverb to make it stronger.

He’s so annouying!
The movie was so good!

If we are using comparatives (adjective+er / more + adjective), we use so much to make it stronger.

They were so much more beautiful last year.
I run so much faster these days.

Saying the result

We often use that alongside so and such to express a result.

It was so funny that I nearly died!.
He was so annouying that I had to leave.

The food is ___ delicious

He is _____ a funny guy.

I did ______ cooking this evening

The dog is _____ cuter that the cat.

Your grade is: __

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