A1/A2 English - Possessive 's

Let’s look at talking about things that people own. You can test yourself with the quiz at the end. Discover essential A1/A2 English grammar principles on this page, tailored for beginners seeking a solid foundation in language learning

Using Possesives

If you want to talk about things that are owned by something else, we use possessives. The possessive is always after the owner.

The first way to show possession is to add ‘s to the owner.

This is Jack‘s car.
Amy‘s hair is so pretty.
The house‘s bathroom is upstairs.

We can speak about family and friends using ‘s.

My dad‘s parents live there.
Paul‘s best friend is Chris.


You can connect positives.

We are going to use Paul’s dad’s car.

If a owner ends in s, we can add either  or ‘s, but we still say the second s.

That’s Chris laptop?
That’s the boss‘s sandwich.

If there are multiple owners and the noun ends in s, then we just add an

The athletes’ water is over there.
My grandparents’ house is up the hill.

If not, then add ‘s as before

This is the people‘s government.
The men‘s club is down the street.

When listing owners, only add the ‘s to the final owner of the list.  

It’s John, Paul and Ben‘s shopping.

Possessive Pronouns

We can also change pronouns (I, he, she, they, etc.) to show possession.

pronoun Possessive
I My
He His
She Her
You Your
We Our
They Their

For example:

The bag is his.

It’s thier house.

It’s _____ football.

That is ______ business.

We tried to play with the _____ toys.

Which sentence is correct?

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