A1/A2 English - 'at', 'in', 'on' The Prepositions of time

We use prepositions in different situations, here we use ‘at’, ‘in’ and ‘on’, depending on the time we are talking about.

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times of the day at 1 o'clock
at 5:45
at ten
mealtimes at dinner time
at lunchtime
at break time
holidays at Christmas
at Easter
expressions at night
at the weekend
at present

We usually use at when talking about specific times or for meal times.

I have a meeting at 10.
I’ll see her at breaktime.

We also use at for some special expressions.

At present I am working for him.

We use at with holidays.

There is so much to do here at Christmas.


months in January
in April
years, centuries, decades in 1922
in the 50's
in the 17th century
seasons in winter
in summer
parts of the day in the morning
in the evening
other time phrases in the past
in the future

We usually use in for times that extend over a loner period.

We always watch TV in the evening.
In the past we went to Spain every year.
It’s my birthday in January.


days on Monday
on Sunday
dates on January 19th
on December
parts of a day on Monday morning
on Tuesday evening

We usually use on with parts of the day, days and dates.

On Tuesday i’ll meet Paul.
We will go to Thailand on July 1st.

I’ll see you ___ Tuesday.

My first meeting is ___ 10:30.

The first world war started ____ 1914.

I think the first moon landing was ____ the 60’s

Your grade is: __

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