Present perfect

Do you know how to use the past perfect, have or has + past participle? Have a look at this lesson to find out more.

Present perfect

The present perfect simple is used if we want to explain past actions that are still related to the present.

Unfinished action

We usually use the present perfect, to talk about actions that have happened, but might still change in the future:

They‘ve been to that restaurant twice this week.
I haven’t had any reviews yet.
I‘ve seen this match already.

Also, when speaking about life experiences, as it may still happen before we die. 

I‘ve lived in 3 different countries.
He‘s never been to Thailand.
Have you ever eaten pho?

We can use forsince and how long alongside the present perfect to talk about unfinished states.

She‘s wanted to be a footballer since she was a child.
How many times have you been to that bar?

Past actions with present results

Present perfect can also be used to talk a present result caused by a past action.

He‘s grounded so can’t come
They haven’t contacted, so let’s go without them.

We often use the present perfect with  justrecentlyalreadyyet and still.

We‘ve recently started doing some yoga classes.
She‘s already gotten 2 letters from different colleges.
Have you decided where to go yet?

Which sentence is correct?.

I ____ _____ _____ cooking more often.

I ______ been to Korea before.

Which sentence is correct?

Your grade is: __

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