Past habits

When talking about things we did in the past, we can use the past simple. We can also use words like used to and would. Take a look at this lesson to learn more

Used to

Used to is used to talk about things that were true in the past, but aren’t anymore.

I used to know him so well.
We used to live in England.
Did you use to go out with Janice?

Also, used to can be used to talk about recurring habits in the past.

I used to play football every week.
She used to drink, but now doesn’t.

Also, the past tense goes on the word do for the negative form: I didn’t use to

I didn’t use to hang out with him. (now I do)
She didn’t use to drink that much. (now she does)

Structure: Used to + infinitive.


We can useĀ would to in the same way we used, used to, but only for habits!

Every evening I would take a walk along the river.
He would go the cafe every morning.

Would is more formal that used to and can’t be used in its negative, wouldn’t, form in this context.

I _____ run here once a week.

I ______ to own that model.

I _______ play here when I was little.

I ___________ smoke, but now I can’t stop.

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